Bells Crossgar Peugeot’s ‘Just Add Fuel®’ package for age 18+!

New Car, No Hassle! Bells Crossgar Peugeot’s ‘Just Add Fuel®’ package for age 18+! Quote New Driver NI  to receive a fuel voucher if you purchase a “JUST ADD FUEL” Peugeot car We are delighted to announce the arrival of Peugeot’s popular ‘Just Add Fuel ®’ Package – all your motoring costs covered in 1 […]

Where to buy

There are a lot of opportunities for the savvy buyer – use our guide to get the most out of your money… Auctions: You can bag a bargain but you really need to know your stuff before considering this option. Buyers at auction have very little comeback should things go wrong with the vehicle. Auction […]

Top 10 used cars for new drivers

Paul Connolly sets out his top 10 used buys under two grand. Suzuki Swift (2005-10) Engine: 1.3 petrol Price: from £1,900 Insurance group: 3+ The second-generation Swift is a fun driving car, with a good load space due to a folding rear seat. Road handling is excellent for a car of this class, and its […]

Top new cars for younger drivers

Top New Cars for Younger Drivers. If you’re young and in the market for a new car then you’re in luck – today’s cars are more reliable, less expensive, and cheaper to run than ever. In fact, modern cars are now so fuel and tax efficient that an old clunker can make little or no financial […]

Tips for buying a used car and ways to pay

Top Tips to Remember… Do your homework Which car is best for you within your budget? Check total costs of your vehicle like cost of insurance, tax, miles per gallon. Don’t view a car on a wet day or at night Water or poor light can hide scratches, dents and rust. These will be costly […]

10 Checks For Second Hand Car

Make sure you check the vehicles history – carry out a HPI check so you know there is no outstanding finance on the car. Check the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) matches between the V5C (The Tax Book) and the vehicles chassis and carry out the same check with the engine number. If the numbers don’t […]