Telematics insurance and cutting costs

THE FUTURE OF YOUNG DRIVERS INSURANCE? TELEMATICS – HOW DOES IT WORK? A small unit is installed in your vehicle which continuously measures speed, geo position, braking force, rate of acceleration and severity of cornering. Data is transmitted by a sim card to a central computer where it is processed and assessment is made as […]

Insurance terms explained

Getting the right insurance cover is one of the biggest expenses you will face as a new driver. Many new drivers will get their first insurance as a named driver on their parent’s policy and will only get to drive the car occasionally. If you are lucky enough to get your own vehicle, there are […]

Gap cover explained

If a car you have got on finance becomes a total loss (for example after collision, theft or fire), your insurance company may only pay the market value of the vehicle.  Leaving you to deal with the shortfall between this market value and any shortfall in the outstanding payment and charges due to the finance […]

9% increase in telematics based motor insurance policies.

Latest research by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) shows a 9% year on year increase in the number of live ‘black box’ telematics motor insurance policies.   These types of policies can offer savings of up to 25% for careful drivers. In particular, young drivers who often struggle to find affordable cover, can save […]

Insurance fronting

Fronting is when an older person, usually a parent, takes out an insurance policy in their own name and then adds a young driver as an occasional user to the policy. However instead of the older person being the main user of the vehicle as agreed with the insurer, the young driver is in fact […]