10 Tips for Passing your Practical Test

10 TIPS FOR PASSING YOUR DRIVING TEST About a month before your test have your eyesight checked; you need to be able to read a number plate from about 20m away. On the day of your test bring with you your Driving Licence, Theory Test Pass certificate and your appointment letter, if you have it. […]

Top 5 Beaches in Ireland

You can never predict the weather here Ireland, but doesn’t mean you can’t go to the beach… We have picked the Top 5 beaches that you can visit right here in Ireland…. They are worth the drive!!!                                     […]

Top 5 Road Trips in Ireland

It is the Bank Holiday, so why not take a Road Trip and visit some of these beautiful destinations….   1.  Glendalough Co.Wicklow                 2. The Causeway Coast and Glens Northern Ireland               3. The Ring of Kerry Co.Kerry       […]

10 Things To Do In Northern Ireland In 2017

With the summer holidays on their way , it’s the perfect time to visit somewhere new, try something different and attend one of the many events that is happening in Northern Ireland this year. Rachel Quigg, Destination PR Officer, Tourism Northern  Ireland said: “From Titanic Belfast, the world’s leading tourist attraction to award-winning golf courses […]

New Driver NI receives UK recognition

Our New Driver Safety Ambassadors school’s programme received UK wide recognition at the Young Driver awards held in London today. Thanks to all schools who took part in the programme this year. We look forward to the years to come. Pictured above is Tony McKeown and Stephen Savage receiving the award. 

What you need to know about Speed Awareness Courses

If you get caught speeding these days, you may be offered one of two options. If you’re a repeat offender, if you’ve overstepped the limit by a certain amount or if you’re simply unlucky, you’ll be given a hefty fine and points on your license. However, first time offenders or those who are only 1-2mph […]

Top 5 Theory Tips

Here is a few top tips to help get you on your way to passing the Theory Test… 1.Your driving theory test is designed to help you get to know about the hazards and road signs you’ll come across while you’re driving. So, when you’re a passenger with your friends or family, try and spot […]

Tips for young drivers looking to buy a new car

There’s no better feeling than getting a new car! Just recently I got myself a new car and I am still in the ‘honeymoon’ stage with the car, I’m in love! So, I thought I would put together a blog post on tips for buying a new car. First things first, find a car in […]

What is New Driver Safety Ambassadors

New Driver Safety Ambassadors complete presentations in post 16 schools and colleges across Northern Ireland. The presentations are tailored for each individual school and lasting from 40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes depending on the time allocated by the school to us. During the presentation, the following is discussed: * Learning to Drive. * […]