Fatalities warning residents protests following car crash…

//Fatalities warning residents protests following car crash…

Fatalities warning residents protests following car crash…

There will be more fatalities on the Old Warrenpoint Road in Newry if further traffic-calming measures are not introduced, it has been claimed.

Around 40 residents staged a protest on the road on Sunday following another accident at the Carlingford Park Junction the evening before. Emergency services attended the scene after two cars were involved in the collision shortly after 8pm on Saturday

Both of the vehicles involved in the collision mounted the footpath following the impact after crashing into a wall. No one was injured in the incident, however Damian McShane, a Carlingford Park resident and Unite the Community equality officer said it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed on the road. He said there has been huge increase in traffic on the road in recent years and that hundreds of school children walk the road each morning.

He said “ Over the last number of years the Old Warrenpoint road has seen a high increase in traffic – this can be attributed in new housing developments that have been built in this area. “Thousands of cars travel along this road on a daily basis and with this increase in traffic, we have sadly seen an upsurge in car accidents, the most recent occurred on Saturday in front of my home. “This is just one of a long list of accidents that has occurred on this stretch of road, some of which has led to fatalities. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in this incident, but unless we set in place traffic calming measures, it is my firm belief that some poor family will be burying a loved one if we don’t address this issue.”

Mr McShane said Newry Unite Community branch will be taking proactive steps over the coming weeks to highlight this issue and warned that the lack of funding should not be used as an excuse to implement traffic-calming measures. He added: “Every day I witness young children struggling to cross this busy stretch of road: what price are they going to put on a human life?” A spokesperson for the Department of Regional Development said they would continue to monitor the situation but that there are no plans to introduce further traffic-calming measures.

She said: “Where possible, Transport NI (TNI) has installed a number of traffic calming measures at the site in form of pedestrian islands and red textured surfacing. TNI held a number of site meetings here, most recently in January 2016. “There are no plans for any other meetings or traffic calming measures, however TNI will continue to monitor the location and consider information on collisions provided by the PSNI.”

Credit – Newry Reporter