Learner insurance explained

//Learner insurance explained

Learner insurance explained

There are a few options available to you for getting insurance when doing private practice:

  1. You can be added to your parent’s or guardian’s policy, this will normally be for a 12 month period and an additional premium will be required.
  1. In recent years a new insurance product for learners has become available. You can take now take out insurance in your own name called ‘Learner Insurance’

Learner Insurance lets you practice in somebody’s car and instead of being covered by their insurance, it is insured by your own policy.  If you have a bump, it wouldn’t be a claim against their policy so doesn’t have an impact on their no claims bonus.  These policies can be bought for as little as £75 per month, but check if the provider covers your postcode as not all of Northern Ireland is covered by all providers.

Be sure to understand any policy restrictions like the engine size of car you can cover on these learner insurance policies and what requirements they have for your supervising driver.