Modified Cars

Modified Cars

Cars can be modified to improve performance or style. If you’re considering modifying your car or you have purchased a modified car, you can find information below on modifications including in-car entertainment, lights or reflectors, suspension and brakes.

Staying safe and legal is extremely important when modifying your car. It is essential to remember that too many modifications can affect the road handling of your car. It could also put you on the wrong side of the law and perhaps your insurance company.

When it comes to insuring a modified vehicle here are some practical tips on what you should consider:

  1. Always tell insurers about modifications made to your car, as not declaring could invalidate your policy.
  2. Make sure your modifications are legal.
  3. If changing your car from the factory specification, always tell your insurer at the time you make a change. Different insurers have a different view on what constitutes a modification, so it is always best to check whether your insurance policy is impacted.
  4. When renewing insurance for a modified car, always inform the insurer, broker or comparison site of the changes. Each insurer has a different view on risk.