Never Drink and Drive!!

//Never Drink and Drive!!

Never Drink and Drive!!

New Young Driver advert spells out the dangers.

I attended the launch of the new DOE anti Drink Driving advert last week. You might think that everyone knows you should never drink and drive and it is true that good progress has been made by Road Safety campaigners in getting this message across over recent decades. However drink driving remains a significant causation factor in people being killed or seriously injured on Northern Ireland roads each year. Last year there were 16 deaths and 62 seriously injured casualties due to drink/drug related driving. This means that last year alone, alcohol and/or drugs accounted for over 20% of all road deaths. PSNI statistics show that 17-24 year old males are most at risk of causing death and serious injury by drink and driving, either to themselves and other innocent road users, so it is appropriate that the new advert talks directly to young drivers.

The powerful new advert, which is less graphic than previous DOE ads, features a 2 ½ minute version for social media. Check it out on YouTube or Facebook.

The hashtag for the campaign is #howlowcanyousink.

It highlights that alcohol can have an impairing effect on driving, even from the first drink. The skills most critical for driving – the brain’s ability to observe, interpret and process information from the eyes and other senses – are impaired by alcohol even at the lowest levels. The new campaign spells out the legal consequences of being caught drink driving from imprisonment, to losing your licence and having to re-take your test. It also tells the story of ordinary young men enjoying a night out and have their lives destroyed due to a delayed reaction. As we approach the festive period, we urge young drivers to never drink and drive, not even one. If you are heading out for the night, leave the car at home. Plan ahead by booking a taxi, arrange a family member to collect you or have a designated driver. Never get into a car with anyone else if they have been drinking.