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New Driver NI treats your privacy seriously and we respect your right to personal privacy. We use the information that we collect through the New Driver NI web site (the ‘Site’) in accordance with, and only as described in this Privacy Policy.

To what portion of the Site does this policy apply?

This policy only applies to the Site and all the information collected by the Site but does not apply to third party companies, individuals, organisations or other web sites which the Site links to. These sites operate their own privacy policy. We urge you to read these carefully.

What information do we collect?

Our web site does not at any stage automatically collect any personally identifying information from you. We do however collect general statistical, aggregated, anonymised information to help us analyse our visitor’s preferences and habits while they visit our site. This information is used to improve the content and usability of our web site.

Purchasing of goods & services

We do ask that you supply personal information if you want to purchase goods from the Site. When you purchase goods from the Site we do store some information about you (i.e. your name, your email address, your full postal address and telephone contact numbers). This information is used to allow us to fulfill your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do not store the details of your credit/debit card. We also keep a record of your past orders so we can deal with any enquiries you may have as quickly as possible.

We do not pass on any of the details we collect from you during your purchase to any third party companies, individuals or organisations, and you can access, correct and delete that collected information by contacting us via one of the methods outlined on the contact us page.

What to do if you have any questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy then get in touch with us via one of the methods outlined on the contact us page.