Top 10 tips to pass the driver theory test

//Top 10 tips to pass the driver theory test

Top 10 tips to pass the driver theory test

Getting prepared…

  1. Your driving theory test is designed to help you get to know about the hazards and road signs you’ll come across while you’re driving. So, when you’re a passenger with your friends or family, try and spot the various hazards during the journey.
  2. An online practice theory test is a great way to revise for the real thing. If you’re struggling with certain questions just ask your driving instructor to explain the answer to you. Hearing the reason from them will help you get your head around it and remember it.
  3. Practice, practice, practice and keep practicing until you feel confident!

The night before…

  1. Get everything ready the night before, remember both parts of your provisional driving license and your booking confirmation number. Without these you won’t be able to take your test and we’re sure you don’t want to have to put if off any longer! And remember to allow plenty of time to get to the test centre, it’s better to be relaxed than stressed out.

The theory test…

  1. There are two parts to the theory test: a multiple choice and a hazard perception test. If you fail one part it means you’ll have to retake the whole test again.

Multiple choice…

  1. A good idea is to take the practice test at the very beginning to help you get used to answering these kind of questions. And remember, you only need to answer 43 questions correctly out of 50 to pass.
  2. Take your time. Don’t rush, just read every question carefully and if there are any you’re not sure about, just highlight them and come back to them later on. Most importantly, make sure you leave a little bit of time at the end just so you can read through your answers again.
  3. Now, before you get started with the hazard perception test you get a short break. Make sure you take the break, relax for a few minutes and get yourself refocused.

Hazard perception test…

  1. There are 14 one-minute video clips that show various different hazards as they develop. 13 of the clips will only show one hazard, but in one of the clips there will be two hazards to look out for. Be very aware of when you need to reduce your speed, swerve or stop.
  2. As soon as you see that hazard developing on your screen, click to show you know it’s about to happen. The highest score you can get for each hazard is five points for spotting it at the earliest opportunity. Your first click might even be a little too early so it’s worthwhile clicking again. Remember though, make sure you’re not clicking constantly throughout the entire video as you will then fail the test.

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