Top 5 Theory Tips

//Top 5 Theory Tips

Top 5 Theory Tips

Here is a few top tips to help get you on your way to passing the Theory Test…

1.Your driving theory test is designed to help you get to know about the hazards and road signs you’ll come across while you’re driving. So, when you’re a passenger with your friends or family, try and spot the various hazards during the journey

2.An online practice theory test is a great wat to revise for the real thing. If you are struggling with certain questions, just ask your driving instructor to explain the answer to you.

3.Practice, Practice, Practice and keep practicing until you feel confident!!

4.Get everything ready the night before and remember both parts of your provisional driving license and your booking confirmation number.

5.Remember, there are two parts to the theory test: a multiple choice and a hazard perception test. If you fail one part it means you’ll have to take the whole test again.