Where to buy

//Where to buy

Where to buy

There are a lot of opportunities for the savvy buyer – use our guide to get the most out of your money…

You can bag a bargain but you really need to know your stuff before considering this option. Buyers at auction have very little comeback should things go wrong with the vehicle. Auction vehicles are generally sold as seen, so do your research carefully.

Buying a car from a dealer is the safest way to buy, as you get the maximum legal protection.

Use these tips to find a reliable dealer:

  1. Look for an established firm
  2. Ask for recommendations from friends
  3. If the cars have been inspected, ask to see the report on the car you want to buy
  4. It may not be as detailed as the one you pay for yourself, but it will provide useful information

New Car Deals:
Buying used generally means making a compromise of some sort or other but when you buy new you can order a vehicle to the specification that you require. The chances of you having mechanical trouble should also be less with a new car. The flip side of a new car is that its value will usually depreciate much faster than a used car.

Buying from a Private Seller:

Cars Bought Privately can be slightly cheaper than cars bought through a dealer as a private seller won’t have the same overheads. You will have fewer rights buying from a private seller but the vehicle should still be accurately described. Such as the number of owners it has had or if it has been in a collision.

Useful Websites:

There a number of dedicated car sales websites which have many thousands of cars in Northern Ireland from dealers and private sellers;