Complete guide for anyone starting off on the road for the first time. Learning, Insurance, Buying a car, Maintenance and Staying Safe.

Applying for the provisional Licence, cost of learning to drive and the Parent/Guardian agreement

theory test - new driver ni

How to book your theory test, top tips for the theory test, discounts for learning to drive and more…

How to choose driving instructor, video tutorials, guide to private practice, top tips for the practical test and more…

This sections covers, everything you need know about insurance including some great insurance offers.

Check out our top 10 new and used cars for first time drivers, as well as top tips on buying a car.

In this section we show you how to be a safer driver and how to keep your vehicle in road worthy condition.

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New Drivers at risk of losing personalised number platesNews

NI Drivers Risk Losing personalised Number Plates if Car is Stolen or Written Off

Motorists are being warned to check with their insurer to see if they are covered for damage to, or theft of, their new registration plates. On a positive note, there isn’t a fee to register new personalised plates nor are they viewed as vehicle modifications like branding or alloy wheels that could…
Reduction in driving offencesNews

Insurance violations overtake speeding as most frequent motoring offence in Northern Ireland

Official figures released today by the Police Service of Northern Ireland show that insurance offences is the largest group in 2021 with 6,905 detections, followed by speeding with 6,721 detections. There were a further 3,603 detections related to driving licence offences, 769 fewer offences than in 2020.* Motoring offence detections…

5 everyday driving habits that are secretly damaging your car

The driving habits of Northern Ireland motorists could be secretly damaging their vehicles. We all develop certain habits when driving – good and bad – and some could be putting your car under unnecessary strain and ultimately lead to costly repairs. Here are five everyday driving habits that are secretly…