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How do I know if I love my car? Have you ever wonder how obsessed you are with your car? Or maybe you are thinking of upgrading and not sure if you’re making the right decision. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Here are 10 clear signs you love your car:

  1. Your social media looks like a fan page.

You take photos of your car all the time – after a wash/ clean. If you go on a scenic road trip or attend a road show and take pictures of your car then you know you’re obsessed. If your car is always featured on your Snapchat and Insta stories, then yes, you’re obsessed.

  1. You keep it spotless inside and out.

You must have your car spotless inside and out – any dirt, dust or rubbish left annoys you and must be taken care of straight away. If a passenger has dirty shoes, they must take them off or they walk! You regularly get your car washed and keep cleaning equipment in your boot in case of an emergency.

  1. You talk to your car…

Are you ever on your commute to the shops or work and find yourself talking to your car? Yup – obsessed. Maybe your car is low on fuel, and you find yourself begging it to keep going just a few miles longer.

  1. You panic about parking your car.

Do you ever worry about someone hitting your car doors or someone walking past and damaging your vehicle? Maybe you’re parking somewhere different, and you get anxiety about leaving your car alone in an unfamiliar parking space in case something happens to it?

  1. You don’t let people eat in your car.

Food smells, crumbs, wrappers, or anything related to food is a hell no in your car apart from groceries that must go in the boot!

  1. You spend way too much money on car Air Fresheners.

Do you ever find yourself impulse buying air fresheners or bulk ordering your favourite fragrance online? You keep your car smelling as fresh as a showroom car.

  1. Some of your favorite moments have happened in your car.

Thinking back to your favourite memories, you find that your car has brought you there or you’ve had some of the best laughs with your friends and family in the car.

  1. You’ve had the best trips in your car.

The car you’re driving at the minute just happens to have brought you to the most amazing days outs and weekends away – its stamped in your memory now that your car was with you. Or maybe you sung your heart out on a drive home and it made that moment the highlight of your day!

  1. You think about your car, even when you’re not driving.

Ever think about your car when you’re working or at school? Do you think about where you’re going to drive this weekend with it or maybe about treating your car to a fuel top-up or valet? Yeah, you’re in love.

  1. You’ve given your car a name.

The most obvious sign you are in love with your car – you’ve given it a pet name to match its colour, shape and personality. You refer to your car with its name and not as ‘car’ anymore – plus all your friends and family now know who you are referring to when you talk of your car by its name.

Fallen out of love with your car?

Here are a few things you can do to feel better by making your car better!

Carry out this simple 6 step FLOWER check to keep your car running in good condition – which also helps prevents breakdowns and expensive car repairs. Think of these checks like looking after a baby – like a baby a car cannot communicate effectively to convey what is wrong with it – so learn the FLOWER check to make sure you tick all the boxes for your vehicle.

Are those tyres worn?

Worn tyres significantly impede the performance of your car – low tread depths reduce the effectiveness of braking, steering, and acceleration, all of which are vital to staying safe on the road.

Go get the alignment checked on your tyres twice a year as this can save you buying new tyres unnecessarily by getting the alignment fixed. (This is especially recommended if you live in an area with bad potholes and ramps or you’re prone to hitting kerbs).

Make sure your tyre pressure is at the right level – over or underinflated tyres can wear the tire quicker and be dangerous to drive.

Get some experience or learn how to look after your car – you never know when you might get a flat tyre so why not test your knowledge and learn how to change a tyre safely in 15 minutes.

Note:  A defective tyre could lead to a £60 fine and three penalty points on your licence.

Would you know what to do if you had a collision?

Another way to look after you and your car is to know what to do after you have a collision.

CRASH Services, NI’s leading accident management company (who take care of everything at no cost to you after a non-fault collision) advises that if you have a collision, you should call 101 for non-urgent enquiries or 999 if you require medical assistance.

If a police officer attends the scene you must give, when requested:

Your name and address
The address where your car is kept
The name and address of the car owner
The car’s registration number
Motor insurance details (including expiry date of the policy)

If there is no police officer present you must, when requested, give this information to the other parties involved in the collision.

They also recommend you take down any witness details, take photos and write down what happened.

If you have recently been in a collision CRASH Services can arrange everything for you and even get you a replacement vehicle the same day until your car gets repaired.

We recommend you save CRASH Services 24-hour helpline number on your phone today 028 9066 0244 or visit CRASH’s website if you have been in an accident and would like them to manage the accident for you.

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