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Passing your theory test is a big step towards driving independence.

Soon, you’ll be able to take to the open road whenever you want.

But passing your theory test isn’t as simple as showing up to the test centre and hoping for the best.

To pass it, you need an action plan, preparation and self-confidence.

The theory test has five main components: risk perception, hazard awareness, good driving behaviour, understanding the rules of the road and eco-driving.

Today we’re exploring six simple tips to acing your theory test.

1. Practice makes perfect.

People who rise to the top of their career don’t get there through luck or being in the right place at the right time.

They set themselves goals, practice every day and are rewarded for that dedication.

And while there is a limit to just how much you have to do to ‘pass the theory’ you can still practice by reading the test book or downloading the app on your phone.

It’s a great time, and financial, investment towards your ability to head for a driver wherever and whenever you want!

You can access learning materials here from the DVLA or here from

2. Preparation is key.

You can’t enjoy success in anything without preparation.

You should set aside time every day in the run-up to your theory test to prepare.

Prepare for your theory test like a school exam: make a daily and weekly schedule and stick to it.

Book your theory test well in advance to avoid long waiting lists.

The more time you spend learning, the more likely the information with nestle itself into your brain for when you need it.

3. Do mock theory tests online.

Mock tests are a fantastic way of learning.

You can complete mock tests as many times as you want and learn a lot.

It means you can practise all of the official test questions – those that will be asked in your test – and you can benefit from explanations for every question.

Take a mock test here.

4. Ensure you have all the correct documents.

Imagine you’ve done all the revision, your confidence is sky-high, and you’re feeling ready for the theory test.

You arrive and are told you cannot take the test; you’ve brought the wrong ID (or none at all!).

This isn’t so much a tip but a way of diverting you from a rookie error.

On the day of your theory test, you are required to bring certain documents with you.

Avoid this by ensuring you have a Public Services Card with photograph, passport or another form of ID like a National Identity Card.

Read the full list of acceptable forms of ID here.

5. Book your theory test.

Book your theory test online by clicking here.

6. Chill out.

Nervous energy, tiredness, fear and stress work against you.

The night before your test, go to bed early.

Try to avoid the nasty blue light on your phone close to bedtime.

Get up early on the morning of your theory test, have a cup of tea or coffee and go for a short walk to get some fresh air.

And if you don’t pass it the first time it’s no biggie; you can retake it soon.


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