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(2019) Help us get 10,000 New Driver Road Safety Pledges!

New Driver Pledge

As a new academic year begins, New Driver NI has launched it annual schools safe motoring presentations and aims to get over 10,000 young people to take up their pledge.

New Driver NI visits over 100 sixth forms in schools with the aim of educating all new drivers and passengers on making good motoring decisions.  The presentations cover learning to drive, buying a car, insurance, looking after your vehicle and road safety.  All participants are given a free New Driver magazine too.

Students are asked to sign the New Driver pledge which includes the following 5 rules.

  1. Respect the Speed Limit
  2. No Mobile While Mobile!
  3. Never Drive When Tired.
  4. Not a Drop, Not a Drag!
  5. Belt Up, Front & Back!

 Make the Pledge at

 You will be entered into to a draw to win £250 vouchers for fuel or driving lessons.  

 Stephen Savage, Project Manager at New Driver NI commented “The programme has been run for over five years now.  Feedback from schools teachers and students is very positive.  Making the pledge is a commitment to being as safe as possible on the roads. “Too many young people are still losing their lives or being seriously injured on the roads across Northern Ireland.  We want to see these figures reduce every year. 


The programme is completely free for schools as funding is provided by corporate sponsors including Charles Hurst First Time Buyer Centre, CRASH Services, Specsavers, Drivetech, Part of the AA, Hankook Tyres, AB&C Insurance and JMK Solicitors.  The Department for Infrastructure and some Policing and Community Safety partnerships also provide support.

To make a school booking please contact Stephen Savage on 07793 198100 or email

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