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If you are the owner of a car that has ‘KEYLESS ENTRY’ please remember to protect your keys. Unfortunately, car thieves are using technology to steal these cars. A good way to prevent this is via a Signal Blocking Faraday Pouch. These pouches are widely available to buy online and could be the best money you ever spend.

What is keyless theft?

The way in which thieves steal cars without the car keys. Something that’s also referred to as relay theft. This process is quite simple, although high-tech equipment is needed in order for it to work. Criminals search the darker regions of the internet to buy relay amplifiers and relay transmitters needed to make the steal.

Next, they’ll target houses with desirable cars parked outside. They will then use their gadgets to detect whether or not the vehicle uses a keyless entry and start system.

Working in pairs, one thief will stand by the car with the transmitter, while a second carries the amplifier around the perimeter of the house. If the key is close enough, the amplifier will be able to boost its signal and direct it to the transmitter.

This transmitter then effectively becomes the key and tricks the car into thinking the real key is nearby. When the key is detected the thieves are able to open the car, get in and drive away. The whole process can take as little as 60 seconds and can be completed in near silence and for safety reasons the engine won’t just cut out when the key is out of range, there is very little to stop the thieves.

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