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Instant Cheap Temporary Learner Insurance

Temporary Learner Driver Insurance is a popular choice for provisional drivers who want to get more hours of driving practice in, without the expense of driving lessons. All you need is access to a car and a suitable friend or family member who can take you out.

This is where short term learner insurance is a great option, and a cheaper alternative to expensive lessons. Our Temporary Learner Driver Insurance is so flexible, only pay for the hours, days or weeks you use, and get instant cover. Get a quote and buy cover in minutes. It is so easy; all you need is a provisional license and a suitable car to learn in.

Customer surveys reveal that the UK motorists’ second biggest car-related concern is the cost of insurance. Short term learner driver insurance is a great way to save money and stay covered while you learn to drive.

  • Comprehensive cover
  • 1 hour to 24 weeks – total flexibility
  • Choose from hourly, daily, or weekly duration to a maximum of 24 weeks
  • Low Excess
  • For learner drivers aged 17 to 25
  • Maximum car value £20,000 if owned by someone else
  • Maximum car value £10,000 if owned by the learner
  • Protect the car owner’s No Claims Discount

What is learner driver insurance?

Learner driver car insurance is a specialised policy created just for learner drivers. You’d probably worked out that much from the name alone though. A learner driver insurance policy helps learners get behind the wheel at a key moment in their driving journey.

Use a learner driver car insurance policy to practice, practice, practice or simply to take your test in a car you’re familiar with. Many choose to use learner driver insurance to either practice away from their lessons or simply learn to drive in their parent’s car. You can even use it to take your driving test in your own car.

We offer temporary learner driver car insurance so you aren’t tied into a long term insurance policy when you’re just a learner. Drive your friend or family member’s car with fully comprehensive car insurance. Don’t put their no claims discount at risk.

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