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In 2022 we witnessed horrendous tragedies on the roads of Northern Ireland. No council area was left unaffected by heartbreak.

55 lives were taken on our roads and of these 29% were pedestrians.


Assistant Chief Constable Chris Todd said:

“Across Northern Ireland, far too many families are starting the New Year, coping with the aftermath of a serious collision. From family members who have been killed or seriously injured, to those recovering or learning to live with life-changing injuries.”


Most collisions are caused by user error, predominantly by drivers, who drive carelessly, lawlessly or inattentively. We must learn to share the road to zero, as pedestrians, cyclists, passengers, and drivers, we all need to play our part and be aware of other road users.


As a pedestrian a big lump of metal is going to win every time, so we need to think smart, and follow the advice below to share the road to zero.

  • Use a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights when available – Avoid crossing at bends or areas with limited visibility.
  • If there is a footpath use it! – If there is no footpath proceed on the right-hand side of the road always facing oncoming traffic.
  • Be seen – Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night.
  • Don’t take any chances – wait until the road is clear in both directions before crossing, don’t run, walk!
  • Keep your head out of the apps! – the latest TikTok video and the group chat update will still be there when you are in a safe place to view it! If you need to cross a road, put your phone away, reducing the temptation.


If in doubt, read the Highway Code


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