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Hate washing your car? Or can you never do it right? Well we’ve created a simple guide of tips and tricks for washing your car correctly and most efficiently!

Here are the top 3 common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Picking a sunny day to clean your car

With the better weather on our days off we may be tempted to wash the car on a beautiful sunny day, but you could end up with a streaky finish, water spotting or  stubborn drip marks. Too much direct sunlight or heat can dry off the moisture when you’re washing, so it’s always best to wash your car either early in the morning or late in the evening.

  1. Using the first sponge you find

Be careful as cloths and sponges can easily retain pieces of grit, which can scratch your paintwork! To avoid this, keep some sponges or cloths separate for washing your car, and washing them once you’ve finished with them.

  1. Leaving it to dry naturally

Is it worth all the elbow grease you put into cleaning the car if leaving it to dry naturally is a guaranteed way to get streaky watermarks?


* Before we explain how to wash your car, you’ll need a water hose, 2 buckets, a wash mitt, some car shampoo and a microfibre drying towel.

Give yourself at least an hour if you want to achieve good results.


Wash like a pro with this 9 -Step Check List:

1️ Rinse grit

Rinse using a hose to remove the bulk of the dirt and grit.

2️ Work from the top down

Work from the top down using a sponge to apply your shampoo or wash wax – make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle.

3️ Rinse as you go

Rinse as you go where possible, instead of soaping the whole car in one go. Split the car into segments – roof and windows first, then the rear, left side, right side and finish with the bonnet.

4️ Dry your car

Dry off using your choice of either chamois or microfibre cloths.

5️ Clean your doors

Open the doors and boot in turn, cleaning around the door edge and side panels using a damp cloth.

6 Don’t forget the wheels

Use a brush or sponge (not the one you used to clean the bodywork) and a cleaning product made for the job.

7 Invest in car shampoo

8 Dry with chamois leather or microfibre cloth

Drying a car with rough towels could lead to scratches or an uneven, watermarked finish.

9 Wax

It may take a bit longer but,  it will make your car easier to clean next time, and it will protect it more effectively against the elements.


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