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How to Bay Park

Let us show you the easiest way to carry out Bay Parking during your practical test.

How to do a Hill Start – Clutch Control!

Watch our short clip to help you carry out the perfect Hill Start.

How to do a turn in the Road

Some of us call it a U-turn, but in your practical test the examiner may ask you to carry out a turn in the road. Here’s how to carry to it out.

How to do an emergency stop

The emergency stop exercise, which will show your competence in taking immediate and effective action.

How to Parallel Park

This one is a difficult one to master, but you may have to carry it out during your practical test. Our advice would be to practice, practice and practice some more until you get the hang of it.

How to reverse around a corner

Our short video clip explains how to carry out a reverse around a corner. Remember observation is Key!

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