Lollybox is a sweet deal for young, local drivers (and their parents) to get insurance.

Lollybox has a brand-new telematics policy from local insurance experts, AB&C Insurance. As you would expect, having an on-board dashboard tracker monitoring your speed, driving habits and a few other bits an bobs will bring down the cost of insurance during your first few years on the road. In fact Lollybox could save you up to £1,750* compared to a standard insurance policy.

But it’s not all about monitoring and checking up. Lollybox is designed to give you maximum freedom when you really need it.

As a local company with over 40 years’ experience covering drivers of all ages throughout Northern Ireland, AB&C know exactly what’s what. And that’s what makes them the perfect choice for this type of insurance. They have people you can talk to about your individual needs. Call into a local branch or pick up the phone and chat to one of their lollybox experts. They”ll find you the perfect cover at the best price and have you on the road in less than 48 hours. In fact, because Lollybox policies are created specifically for each individual, they aren’t available online. We prefer to chat it through and explain how it all works.

For more information freephone 0800 435 594 or visit Lollybox.