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Welcome to the exciting world of Lollybox, designed specifically for young drivers!


Lollybox, equipped with advanced telematics technology, enhances safe and responsible driving by monitoring your habits behind the wheel.

Lollybox helps you keep track of your speed, promotes healthy driving habits and helps you to avoid learning risky behaviours. By analysing your driving performance, Lollybox provides valuable feedback to improve your skills, including smoother acceleration, gentler braking, and maintaining a steady speed. Additionally, Lollybox allows you to easily track your mileage and gain helpful insights into your driving patterns, so that you can get your first year No Claims Bonus under your belt.

Participating in Lollybox Academy, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount above your first year’s insurance premium, making comprehensive coverage more affordable. Lollybox Academy not only focuses on skill development and road safety. It provides knowledge, resources, and guidance to enhance your driving confidence. This will help young drivers achieve a first year of claim free driving and set them up to utilise this experience for the years ahead.

 In summary, Lollybox & Lollybox Academy offers young drivers in Northern Ireland a great advantage!  

Get ready for a sweet deal that paves the way for a lifetime of enjoyable and secure driving experiences with Lollybox”

For more information freephone 0800 435 594 or visit Lollybox.

Young Driver Insurance by AB&C Insurance
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