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Lollybox is a sweet deal for young, local drivers (and their parents) to get insurance.


Lollybox is a leading Young Driver product, created specifically for first time and younger drivers from local insurance experts, AB&C Insurance.

A tried & tested telematics policy, Lollybox is a wireless tracker that uses the latest technology to monitor speed, driving habits and other driving behaviours to help bring down the cost of insurance during your first few years on the road.

Compared to a standard insurance policy, Lollybox could help lower your insurance premium, with the added benefit of ensuring that your driving skills improve in those important first 12 months on the road.

But it’s not all about monitoring and checking up. Lollybox is designed to give you maximum freedom when you most need it and, unlike other Young Drivers policies, there are no curfews, restrictions on who is travelling with you or postcode restrictions!

As a local company with over 50 years’ experience covering drivers of all ages throughout Northern Ireland, AB&C know exactly what’s what. That’s what makes us the perfect choice for this specialist insurance product, plus you can talk to real people in local offices about your own individual needs.

And because Lollybox policies are created to cater for bespoke individual needs, it means they are not available online. So, why not call into a local branch, pick up the phone or complete the “Get Quote” form and chat to one of our friendly Lollybox experts to get you started. They’ll be more than happy to find you the perfect cover at the best price and have you on the road as quickly as possible.


For more information freephone 0800 435 594 or visit Lollybox.

Young Driver Insurance by AB&C Insurance
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