Complete guide for anyone starting off on the road for the first time. Learning, Insurance, Buying a car, Maintenance and Staying Safe.

Applying for the provisional Licence, cost of learning to drive and the Parent/Guardian agreement

How to book your theory test, top tips for the theory test, discounts for learning to drive and more…

How to choose driving instructor, video tutorials, guide to private practice, top tips for the practical test and more…

This sections covers, everything you need know about insurance including some great insurance offers.

Check out our top 10 new and used cars for first time drivers, as well as top tips on buying a car.

In this section we show you how to be a safer driver and how to keep your vehicle in road worthy condition.

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Buying a Car
10th September 2018

Charles Hurst First Time Buyers Centre

We understand that it can be difficult to find a suitable car if you've passed your test or are preparing to start driving. The First Time Buyers range of vehicles at Charles Hurst has been carefully chosen to meet your needs. Every model is priced at £5,999 or less, giving…
5th September 2018

Young Driver Insurance by ABC Insurance

Lollybox is a sweet deal for young, local drivers (and their parents).   Lollybox is a the brand-new telematics policy from local insurance experts, AB&C. As you would expect, having an on-board dashboard tracker monitoring your speed, driving habits and a few other bits an bobs will bring down the…
Getting Started
30th August 2018

New Driver Pledge

Sign the New Driver Share the Road to Zero Pledge. By signing the pledge you agree to New Driver NI forwarding your name and email address to the Department for Infrastructure (DFI) Road Safety Team who will also send you a confirmation email. You will be entered into a draw…