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The total cost of learning can vary on average depending on a number of factors.

Driving instructors typically charge between £35 to £40 per hour for instruction. On Average a learner driver requires around 45 hours of lessons before they are test-ready, but everyone learns at different rates.

We have created a simple breakdown of the average Cost of learning to drive.

  • Provisional Licence – £62.50
  • Average Price of Driving lesson – £35 – £40 (at the Discretion of the Driving Instructor)
  • 30 hours @ £25 = £750.00
  • 35 hours @ £25 = £875.00
  • 40 hours @ £25 = £1000
  • Theory test – £23.00
  • Theory Test resources: Books/DVD/: £25
  • Practical Test – £65.00 Weekday Price / Evening and Weekend Price £95.00
  • Charge for using Driving instructors car for Test* £100 + (Average)

These costs are subject to change and are simply an estimate to show the approximate cost of learning to drive.


Driving lessons

The cost of a driving lesson in Northern Ireland hasn’t fluctuated a great deal in the last 20 years.

NI driving instructors typically charge around £35-40 an hour.

And the reason why we’re looking at the cost is because of affordability, which is individual to every single driver’s circumstances.

We’ve done the research and found that on average, a Northern Ireland Learner Driver requires around 45 hours of lessons before they’re test-ready.

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